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Home Alcohol Alehouse Rock
All Day Drinking Al O'Peesha Alton Towers
Animal Testing Apprentice Dentist Back on the Pies
Baggy Anne Barrel's Round
(2002 World Cup
Beer & Sex
Ben Nevis Ben 2 (Gas! Gas!) Bitter, Fit Crack
Black Latrine Blackpool Bloik!
Boddies Buenos Aires-2003 Charlotte
Chester Zoo Dan's Big Log Dan's Round us 'Andbags
Dan's Underpant Dead Cat Desperate Dan
Dirty Glass Doctor, Doctor Do You Love Me?
Eh Up! Let's Sup England's Glory Failure With Girls
Fat Bastard-Live 1991 Father's Day Feed Your Face
Fellatio Nell, Son Fluffy Pup Frogbashing
Geordie Girl Germans Get Weavin'
God's Gift Gone Fishin' Gordon's Revenge
Got to be Gordon's Grease Stop Guess Me Weight
Head Kicked In Helen of Fowey Hen Night
I Love Macc Jingle Bells Julie the Schooly
Knock Knock Knutsford Lads From Macc
Lady Muck Lady Muck II Lucy Lastic
Maid of Ale Man in the Boat Manfred Macc
Married Tomorrow Mary, Queen of Pox McCavity
Miss Macclesfield Moaning Lisa Monkees
More Tea Vicar? Mr Methane Musselman
My Pub Nagasaki Sauce Naughty Boy
Newcy Brown Party Pietaster
Piles Poodles Poof
Prestbury Girls Rockweilers Saturday Night

St George
(2006 W Cup)

Sweaty Betty
Sweeper Tab After Tab Tart with the Heart
That's Gay Thinking in the Dark Ticket to Die
Torremolinos Turtles Heads Twenty Pints
2-Stroke Eddie Ugly Women Uncle Knobby
Verse LXIX Vigilante Shanty Village Idiot